U-Prep boys golf wins two tournaments in one week

The U-Prep boys golf team poses before its Match Play Invitational at Bandon Dunes Golf Course in Oregon on Thursday. (Contributed photo)

U-Prep’s golf team won the Northern Athletic League match on Tuesday at the Tierra Oaks Golf Club behind Mark Stephens’ 4-under 68.

The Panthers won the front nine with a 212 and the back nine with a 225 to hold onto the top spot in the NAL standings, earning eight points for 16 on the season.

Stephens led the way with a 34-34–68, which was 10 strokes better than second-place finisher Logan Scholberg of West Valley (37-41–78). The top five was rounded out by West Valley’s Connor Edwards (39-43–82), U-Prep’s Trevor Jones (42-42–84) and both Lassen’s Tyler Edison and U-Prep’s Brennan Mullen shot a 90.

U-Prep match-winning team included Trevor Jones (42-42–84), Brennan Mullen (41-49–90) and Justin McCandles (49-49–98). Marcus Prettyman-Serna (46-57–103) had his front nine score count while Todd Mehr (50-51–101) had his back nine count for the match.

West Valley (270-246) picked up five standing points, finishing second in the front nine and third in the back nine behind Lassen (261-259). After Scholberg and Edwards, the Eagles were rounded out by Legend Rubio (60-46–106), Garrett Thibodeau (69-55–124), Conner Wayne (68-61–129) and Devin Low (66-69–135).

Central Valley was the only other full team to compete and completed the front nine only with a 356. CV was led by Willie Mowry’s 62 across nine holes. Anderson, which doesn’t field a full team, was led by Owen Fabela’s 55 on the front nine.

U-Prep leads the NAL standings with 16 points, followed by West Valley (11), Lassen (9) and Central Valley (2), respectively.

Top Individuals
Mark Stephens, U-Prep (68)
Logan Scholberg, West Valley (78)
Connor Edwards, West Valley (82)
Trevor Jones, U-Prep (84)
Tyler Edison, Lassen (90)
Brennan Mullen, U-Prep (90)

Team Scores
Team F9-B9–Points
U-Prep 212-225–8
West Valley 270-246–5
Lassen 261-259–5
Central Valley 356-0–1

League Standings
U-Prep 16
West Valley 11
Lassen 9
Central Valley 2

U-Prep wins Match Play Invitational

U-Prep’s boys golf team competed in a match play tournament at Bandon Dunes in Oregon on Thursday designed to be like the Ryder Cup with three schools against three other schools. U-Prep was part of Team USA with Capital and Bandon while Europe was a mix between Snohomish, Eureka, Cascade Christian and Marshfield.

All of the U-Prep boys won their head-to-head matches and Team USA got the win 11.5 to 6.5. Those wins came from Mark Stephens, Marcus Prettyman-Serna, Brennen Mullen, Trevor Jones and Todd Mehr.