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River Bowl history

The River Bowl is the annual crosstown rivalry game between the two oldest high schools in Redding — Shasta and Enterprise. The Sacramento River runs through the middle of the city of Redding, splitting the two sides of town into the westside (Shasta) and eastside (Enterprise) and focusing community pride all into one game every fall.

Shasta and Enterprise first squared off in 1956 — a 27-0 win by Enterprise in the program’s third year, which capped a perfect 9-0 season for the Hornets. Through the years, the annual rivalry lost its luster until community members convened and came up with a way to instill pride across town in one annual game. Those members included then-coaches Clay Erro (Enterprise) and Lon McCaslin (Shasta), Record Searchlight sports editor David Little and KRCR-TV sports director Mike Mangas, who collectively dubbed the annual regular season meeting between the two teams as the River Bowl.

For Shasta and Enterprise fans, winning the River Bowl is a source of school pride … the feeling that you can hold that victory over them for an entire year. Basketball chants of “Just like River Bowl” begin on those October nights at either Thompson Field or Enterprise Community Stadium. And while fans enjoy the game – and hopefully, the outcome – the players are the ones charged with making it happen and making memories.

Enterprise owns the River Bowl series record at 17-10, winning the first 10 before Shasta cracked the win column in 2004. The Wolves have won five straight.

Shasta holds the advantage in the all-time series between the two schools at 34-32-1.

River Bowl history

Year River Bowl Winner Score Loser Score Enterprise coach Shasta coach
1993 River Bowl I Enterprise 34 Shasta 6 Clay Erro Lon McCasland
1994 River Bowl II Enterprise 47 Shasta 18 Clay Erro Lon McCasland
1995 River Bowl III Enterprise 41 Shasta 14 Clay Erro Lon McCasland
1996 River Bowl IV Enterprise 20 Shasta 14 Clay Erro Howard McCartin
1997 River Bowl V Enterprise 52 Shasta 19 Clay Erro Howard McCartin
1998 River Bowl VI Enterprise 38 Shasta 21 Clay Erro Howard McCartin
1999 River Bowl VII Enterprise 20 Shasta 7 Clay Erro Howard McCartin
2000 River Bowl VIII Enterprise 10 Shasta 7 Clay Erro Aaron Gingery
2001 River Bowl IX Enterprise 35 Shasta 17 Clay Erro Aaron Gingery
2002 River Bowl X Enterprise 55 Shasta 45 Clay Erro Aaron Gingery
2003 River Bowl XI Enterprise 30 Shasta 20 Darren Trueblood Aaron Gingery
2004 River Bowl XII Shasta 42 Enterprise 6 Darren Trueblood Aaron Gingery
2005 River Bowl XIII Shasta 28 Enterprise 7 Darren Trueblood Aaron Gingery
2006 River Bowl XIV Enterprise 10 Shasta 0 Darren Trueblood Aaron Gingery
2007 River Bowl XV Shasta 24 Enterprise 17 Darren Trueblood Aaron Gingery
2008 River Bowl XVI Enterprise 38 Shasta 35 Darren Trueblood Aaron Gingery
2009 River Bowl XVII Enterprise 33 Shasta 20 Darren Trueblood Aaron Gingery
2010 River Bowl XVIII Shasta 53 Enterprise 20 Darren Trueblood Aaron Gingery
2011 River Bowl XIX Shasta 48 Enterprise 42 Darren Trueblood Aaron Gingery
2012 River Bowl XX Enterprise 42 Shasta 26 Darren Trueblood Aaron Gingery
2013 River Bowl XXI Enterprise 50 Shasta 13 Darren Trueblood Aaron Gingery
2014 River Bowl XXII Enterprise 41 Shasta 0 Darren Trueblood Lloyd Beaudette
2015 River Bowl XXIII Shasta 62 Enterprise 21 Darren Trueblood JC Hunsaker
2016 River Bowl XXIV Shasta 49 Enterprise 33 Russell McWilliams JC Hunsaker
2017 River Bowl XXV Shasta 47 Enterprise 0 Russell McWilliams JC Hunsaker
2018 River Bowl XXVI Shasta 47 Enterprise 10 Chris Combs JC Hunsaker
2019 River Bowl XXVII Shasta 38 Enterprise 26 Chris Combs JC Hunsaker
2021 Spring River Bowl XXVIII Shasta 57 Enterprise 7 Chris Combs JC Hunsaker
2021 Spring River Bowl XXIX Shasta 49 Enterprise 12 Chris Combs JC Hunsaker

Coaching History

Coach School
Clay Erro Enterprise 10-0
Darren Trueblood Enterprise 7-6
JC Hunsaker Shasta 7-0
Aaron Gingery Shasta 5-6
Howard McCartin Shasta 0-4
Lon McCasland Shasta 0-3
Chris Combs Enterprise 0-4
Russell McWilliams Enterprise 0-2
Lloyd Beaudette Shasta 0-1