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2021 Top 50 Football Player Rankings: No. 10, Michael Traylor, Shasta

The annual ‘Top 50’ previews the players to watch for the 2021 spring season.

Shasta High linebacker Michael Traylor is the No. 10 player in the Shasta County Sports Top 50 Football Player Rankings, sponsored by Tri Counties Bank. (Photo by Mike Daly/Shasta County Sports)

We’re breaking into the Top 10 of the Shasta County Sports’ Top 50 Football Player Rankings. From Nos. 11-50, five players were released at a time. But the top 10 — the Shasta County Sports Heisman frontrunners — get their due.

The players are ranked, in a countdown format, based on varsity experience and potential impact for the upcoming season. Coaches’ opinions, statistics, postseason accolades, video highlights and the “eye test” were all factors in compiling the list.

The only teams included are in Shasta County – Anderson, Burney, Central Valley, Enterprise, Fall River, Foothill, Redding Christian, Shasta, U-Prep and West Valley. A reminder: just because a player plays in a lower division for a smaller school, doesn’t mean their impact is any less than a player from a large school.

The Top 50 Returning Players List is sponsored by Tri Counties Bank, a proud partner of Shasta County Sports.

10. Michael Traylor | LB | Shasta | Sr.

One of the biggest hurdles the Shasta Wolves face in the shortened season is having to learn a new defensive scheme under D coordinator Jim Schuette.

That makes middle linebacker Michael Traylor a lynch pin in the Wolves’ success. Athletic, intelligent and hard-nosed, Traylor will be the signal-called for Schuette’s defense.

“He’s going to be relied on,” Schuette said. “He’s a great athlete and plays from the heart.”

Having watched Traylor since youth days (Schuette’s sons played with Traylor since pee wee days), the newest Wolves’ coach knows what he’s getting in the latest of a string of pretty good Shasta linebackers in the past handful of years.

“I know what Mike brings to the table and he’s one of our better athletes,” Schuette said.

Last year, Traylor logged 70 tackles, averaging seven per contest. He also added 7.5 tackles-for-loss in Kirk Ramage’s blitz-happy scheme. And while Schuette’s defense might not bring the house quiet as much, he said Traylor will make things happen for the Wolves’ defense.

“He’s going to set the tone,” Schuette said.

Photo by Mike Daly, graphic by Aaron Williams/Shasta County Sports

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Player No. 10: Michael Traylor, Shasta

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